jazbon ki sadaqat zinda hai

18 Sep

This translation was requested from a brother whose uncle recited this nasheed before he was matyred

Jazbon ki sadaqat zinda hai
Imaan ki harrarat zinda hai
jab tak hai salamat sar mera
sawda-e-shahdat zinda hai

The passion for spreading the truth is still alive
The energy in our Imaan is still alive
Until i remain alive and well
the longing for shahadat is still alive

Phir khoon mein naha kar nikla hai
sau zakhm saja kar nikla hai
kirdaar-e-mujahid mein ab bhi
Abaa ki shuja’at zinda hai

He has come out after bathing himself in blood
he has come out decorated in a hundred wounds
Even today there are mujahideen with such characteristics
within whom the bravery of our ancestors is still alive

nafrat ki chataney toot gaee
dushman ki ghamaaney toot gaee
ilhaad ke taaney toot gaee
Imaan ki taqat zinda hai

The forces of hatred have broken
the suspicions of our enemies has broken
the spreading of agnosticism has broken
The strength of our imaan is still alive

qanoon yahooda khatam hua
injeel bhi hai tahreef shuda
dam tor gaey ilhaadi bhi
Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wassalam) ki shariat zinda hai

The ruling of the jews has come to an end
The bible has been changed from its original state
The efforts of the agnostics has come to an end
The shariat of Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wassalam) is still alive

har aafat rah se hat jaey
nafrat ka andhera chat jaey
sahraon ka seena phat jaey
lalkar-e-Khalid zinda hai

let every obstacle in our path be removed
let the darkness of hatred be removed
let the chests of the deserts rip open
the challenge of Khalid (ibn waleed RadiAllahu anhu) is still alive

Shamsheer se badlo taqdeerein
aur toro kufr ki zanjeerein
khwabon ko miley gi tabeerein
Allah ki rahmat zinda hai

Change your destiny by the sword
and break the chains of kufr
This will become the interpretation of our dreams
The rahma of Allah is still alive

haq baat kahey or datt jaein
phir chahey gardan katt jaey
jab khoon bahey dushman bhi kahey
kirdaar-e-mujahid zinda hai

Say the truth and then remain firm upon it
Then even if your neck is to be cut off
when your blood flows even the enemies will say
The characteristics of Mujahideen are still alive


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2 responses to “jazbon ki sadaqat zinda hai

  1. iqbal parwan syed

    January 7, 2013 at 1:41 pm


  2. Hafsa Aurangzeb Grade 7 The Intellect School Krachi

    October 12, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Masha Allah


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